Thank you, Dr. Holzer
and Assistant for
making Ruby's
transition to a better
place a truly
compassionate and
painless happening this
The Ashman Family
*Veterinarians serving Clayton, Garner, and surrounding areas since 1986*
Thank you, Dr. Beam, for your
kindness, compassion, and love
for Callie. You made a difficult
decision a little more bearable.
Callie did not like going to the
vet but she loves seeing you
and Alison. You’re an
exceptional vet and person.
Thank you for taking such good
care of Callie and for caring so

Beverly Atkins

On May 29th I lost my best
friend Dillon after a long
struggle with unexplained
seizures. Dillon had a great life
and made mine so much better.
I miss him everyday. I want to
thank Dr. Beam and the CAH
staff for all they did for Dillon.
When the time finally came
where I had to make"that"
decision, I cannot thank Dr.
Beam enough for comforting
Dillon and his big crybaby
caretaker. Thanks!

Don Heres
Dr. Smith has taken care
of my Min Pin (Sampson)
since he was a puppy.
Two years ago I moved to
Winston Salem and every
time I have been back to
Clayton, we have stopped
by to visit. I have never
had any doctor that was
better than Dr. Smith.
Here is the last picture I
took when he was being
examined by Dr. Smith.

Dave Alberti
Our cat, Satin.
The runt of the litter with
the biggest heart ever.
She has left us today.
She was 3 months shy of her
20th birthday.
She was the best pet ever!!
She will be missed so
Thanks to Dr. Smith and
the entire staff for taking
such good care of her for
the last eight years of her
I can not tell you how
much we appreciate it.
Ron & Linda Wilson
Thank you, everyone at
Clayton Animal Hospital
for making Prince
transition to a better
place a truly
compassionate and
painless happening this
morning. On Saturday
May 17th 2014 Prince
was put to sleep there
because of his cancer and
was in a lot of pain. It
really hurt that we lost a
part of our family but we
had you for 14 years. We
love you and will miss